Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hi guys, this is overdrive....
Active since - 25th Dec, '08
Line up:
vocals & rhythm guitars - Arpit Nirkhiwale
lead guitars - Samar Ali Warsi
Bass guitars- Peeyush Jain
Drums n percussion - Ishpal Singh Chhabra
well... me, samar, n peeyush met at guitar class.... planned a band, made one, n called it OVERDRIVE.... thats it. whacky though, but thats what actually happened....
1) Campus Rock Idols '09 - 10th Jan '09
2) war of Strings'09, IET
3) Armageddon '09, Acropolis
4) Wizards Of Rock '09 - Got 3rd position there..
Original Compositions:
1) Tell Me - a song against parents ka atyachar types....
2) Since you've gone - a sad romantic number
3)Hazel Eyes
Arpit - Cort EVL Z6 (Wrath)guitar, Korg AX5G processor, Roland Cube 20X amp
Samar - Fender Fat Strat guitar, Korg AX5g processor, Line 6 Spider15 Amp
Peeyush - Ibanez Gio sumthn sumthn bass guitar
Ishpal - Mapex VX series Drumkit with Paiste Cymbals
OVD community -
Quorom performance -
Since you've gone (IET) -
Hazel eyes (IET) -


  1. Hey,
    I am organising a three day festival in Indore. Would like to know who all want to be a part of it.

  2. I am a heavy metal guitarist need groupies for music like log pantera slayer gojira.i am a guitarist in a delhi based band ambroas cadan but due to job ive moved to indore and iam thinking of new heavy metal project but dont have musicians to jam if some1 with the similar music passion wants to jam some time call me at 09873643014 or contact me on facebook