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Formed - 5th dec , 2006
The Band was initiated by Aniruddha, Anuj and Pranav... Digvijay and Tanmay joined later to give it a complete shape for some its early stages, the band struggled to form a stable line-up and went through a succession of drummers, and guitarists until it settled itself into a 4 piece Metal/Hard Rock band.....The band steadily built momentum by playing around in colleges and competitions within the city, as well as outside in cities like Chandigarh, Bhopal, Nagpur,roorkee and Pune. The band members with varied influences put their efforts and create music that comes out with incisive vocals, heavy guitar, prominent bass riffs and intricate drumming....the band has graduated form a cover band to a band playing originals in the meantime and has played more then 25 gigs till date... few Notable achievements are CRI Western Zone top - 6 2009, Winner of IET war of strings twice and selected for rock fests of IIT roorkee,IIM ahemadabad and IMT ghaziabad. also have headlined in Acropolis and Co-headlined DR at Quoram Wizards of Rock...
Current Members
Aniruddha Gokhale - Lead Guitars/Vocals
Anuj Malkapurkar - Bass Guitars
Digvijay Bhonsale - Vocals/Guitars
Shaleen Vyas - Drums
Former Members
Tanmay Ved - Vocals
Piyush Bose- Drums
Pranav Soni - Drums
Prakhar - Guitars
We have Currently 5 original compositions
Blood Rain
Rein of Fire
Genre - mix of thrash/power/groove/death... something heavy actually....
Influences - from megadeth to corpse, pantera to BFMV
myspace page... no originals uploaded...will be put up soon...
Youtube links (old vdo's.. new will be uploaded soon)


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