Sunday, November 8, 2009

Grim Reapers

Grim Reapers

Since 09/11/2005

The band which DOES NOT against the preconceived notions derives its name from the F-14 training unit of the United States Navy.
Classics influence us a lot more than anything else!!
Personally we like to confine ourselves to classics, which for us was the best time our civilization witnessed or could have witnessed!!Unluckily we were not there!!
We appreciate metal too!
We are not superstars. Just few artists who are known to enjoy what they do.
The band comprises of the people of central India persuasions,Wasted DJs, People who complain of Music not being an optional subject for administrative services exams. People who display bizarre,anti social and exceptional tendencies. And the people who make humming sounds (err....bass) after you feed them to decent amount of alcohol and some yet-to-be great engineers!!
Long live rock and roll!!\m/

The band:
Guitars - Crank, Chirayu
Bass guitar - Shashank
Drums - Achin
Keyboards - Rupak
Vox - Digvijay, Amita

Special figure : Sumeet Lakra
/ ^@#*? : Ishan Ratnam

Former contributors : (But still the part of the band)
Pranjal Choudhry (Vox)
Abhishek Deb (Guitars)
Prakhar (Guitars)

Achievements : @%^&$&#


  1. Music Band please get in touch, 0731-4249423

  2. Hi iam a heavy metal guitarist ,I am a guitarist in delhi based band ambroas cadan but due to job iam at indore now but still want to make fuckin music,I ve covered almost every intense song from lamb of god and pantera sepultura gojira enough of covers I guess they are all legends.i need groupies who have similar music buds and want to create mosh here at indore.