Sunday, November 8, 2009



formed- "feb 09"
((performed in)) -
1-acropolis annual day
2-IET davv "war of strings"
3-IIST annual day.
4-sayaji "wizards of rock"
((current lineup))-
Nishant Tare- drums
Abhilab Das(co-founder) - guitars
Abhinav Dingrey- vocals
Shivang Sen(co-founder) - bass
Abhishek Chatterjee- guitars
metallica ,lamb of god ,breaking benjamin, in flames ,megadeth,
sum 41 , g n r , all america rejects , ac/dc,
black sabbath , RATM, judas priest , pink floid, avenge seven fold ,
filter , radio head , audioslave , abraxis, them clones.............
watch us play at

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